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Speaking Topics

Rabbi Eric Yoffie speaks on a number of topics. If you do not see the topic you are considering, please fill out the Contact Form and Rabbi Yoffie will be in touch with you.

Interfaith Relations

  • Why interfaith relations don’t work—and what we can do about it
  • When people of faith discuss Israel: The problems and possibilities of dealing with Israel in interfaith dialogue
  • Divisions on divestment: Jews and Protestants struggle over Israel
  • The complexities of dialogue and doing: Jews and Catholics, Jews and Protestants, Jews and Evangelicals

Israel and the Middle East

  • How to talk about Israel on campus: Making the case for Israel, two states, and the possibility of peace
  • How Israel deals with danger: the threat of Iran, the Syrian civil war, and the Arab Spring
  • Revolution in the making: The changing face of religion and religious freedom in the Jewish State
  • There is no Judaism without Israel: Understanding the role of Israel in Jewish life
  • Getting it right: how Americans and Israelis and American Jews and Israeli Jews can finally understand each other

Leadership and Religion

  • Righteousness vs. Self-righteousness: Examining political and religious leadership
  • Leadership matters: Principles of leadership for political, business, and organizational leaders
  • Approaches to leadership for people of faith

American Jewish Life

  • The bizarre story of American Jews: demographically complicated, religiously diverse, stronger than ever and still at risk
  • The American Jewish Revolution:  Making the case for a Jewish Golden Age
  • Liberal Judaism in America: The distinct beliefs, commitments, and challenges of American Jewry’s largest religious group
  • Social justice and American Jews: Are Jews still passionate about social justice and can it sustain them?

American Religious Life

  • What it means to be a liberal person of faith
  • Religion is divisive and conservative—and a very good thing
  • Spirituality is fine—but religion is better

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