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Posted by on Apr 20, 2018 in Podcast | 4 comments

Transitions, Turning Points, and Torah: Power

In this podcast, I talk about power because transitions and turning points always involve issues of power.

I make three points about power:

  • The first is that so much of our lives is consumed with getting it and exercising it.
  • The second is how fleeting power is.
  • The third is that the real power and influence you have in the world has nothing to do with your job but, rather, with the effect that you have on those closest to you.

And Judaism understands this very well.

Click here to listen to my podcast.


(This podcast was recorded by Jewish Sacred Aging )




  1. Only you, Eric Yoffie, could get me to listen to a podcast! It’s always good to hear your voice and your wisdom.

    • Jane,

      I am delighted that you took the time and enjoyed! I don’t know how much wisdom there was, but it was fun to do.


  2. Thank you Eric for that great pod cast on power
    I too had my period of adjustment when I left my job
    Having always had a title of Director I was suddenly without power
    But I realized that this time with no constraints does indeed allow me to be much more present for my children and grandchildren as well as my friends

    I know what an influence I have been on my two amazing daughters. One is 53 the other 50. They are women with great careers and now my 53 year old is going on the board of Hillel out at University of Michigan because her daughters became involved. I count my blessings indeed.

    My years at Temple Emanuel when you were there were the best!

    My best to Amy

    • Mimi,
      I refuse to believe that those two little girls are now in their fifties! I am sure they are as extraordinary now as they were then.
      Thanks so much for your kind comments.

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